WMAA CIETAC Canada China Arbitration Law Seminar

On September 14 (Vancouver time), as part of China Arbitration Week 2021, the China-Canada Arbitration Law Seminar co-hosted by Vancouver Maritime Arbitrators Association (VMAA) and China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (CIETAC), co-sponsored by the CIETAC North America Arbitration Center was held online.

The experienced legal professionals, Ms. Catherine H. Liang, JJ McIntyre, Jerry Zhang, Ms. Shelley Chapelski, Tim Meng, and Peter Swanson from the two jurisdictions, discussed some hot issues about “Choosing Vancouver As the Place of Arbitration”, “Historical context: Canada’s adoption federally and provincially of Model Law and the New York Convention”, “To Be a Model Law Country or Not to Be: an Analysis of the New Draft Arbitration Law in China “, “Arbitration Agreements and Their Enforcement by Canadian Courts & Interim Measures of Arbitration in Canada”,  “Arbitrator’s Duty of Disclosure in China” and “Enforcement of Arbitration Awards under Canadian law” respectively. The presentations were live-streamed to companies, institutions and professionals and questions from the online participants were answered directly. The lectures were of practical significance for the understanding of the state and acceptance of arbitration in the two countries.

Mr. Wang Chengjie, Deputy Director and Secretary-General of CIETAC, delivered an opening speech on behalf of the organizers, saying that the CIETAC North America arbitration Center is active to provide fair, efficient and comprehensive arbitration for parties in Canada, North America and around the world. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Dennis Pong, chairman of VMAA. He delivered the closing remark and emphasized that both of the institutions will further cooperate and jointly promote the integration and development of international arbitration.