VMAA holds joint seminar with CMAC and signs Cooperation Agreement

VMAA and CMAC host a seminar and sign a Cooperation Agreement

The VMAA held a joint Seminar on May 14th, with delegates visiting from the Chinese Maritime Arbitration Commission. Over 30 attendees from within the maritime and insurance industries attended this comprehensive seminar:

Dr. Chen Bo presented on Maritime Arbitration in China
(Deputy Secretary-General & VP | China Maritime Arbitration Commission)

Wang Guohua presented on Revision and Improvement of Maritime Conflict Rules in the Maritime Code of China
(Dean | Shanghai Maritime University Law School)

Zhang Xubo presented on General Average in China
(Board Chair | Beijing Ren Xiang Insurance Surveyors)

Cui Qiang presented on Impact of Compulsory Laws on the Allocation of Risks in a Sale of Goods Contract
(Partner | Beijing Commerce & Finance Law Office)

Xu Huilin presented on Marine Insurance & Arbitration in China
(General Manager | Tianan Property Insurance Company)

John McIntyre | Legal Treatment of Foreign Arbitral Awards
(Partner | MW Law Offices)

Peter Swanson | Mechanics of the Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards
(Partner | Bernard LLP)


Following the seminar,  CMAC and VMAA held a ceremony for signing the new CMAC-VMAA Cooperation Agreement. Previously, CMAC and VMAA signed a Cooperation Agreement in May 2012, based on the shared concept of establishing fair arbitration procedures and highlighting the importance of arbitration within the global shipping industry. Both organizations have engaged in joint seminars over the past few years, allowing VMAA members and others from within the shipping industry to learn more about arbitration and economic trade in other notable centres outside of Vancouver.

The CMAC-VMAA Cooperation Agreement marks an important cornerstone for both groups, with the goal of facilitating enhanced trade and cooperation between China and Canada within the maritime industry.