The Cedric Barclay Memorial Lecture Presenter will be Prof. Francesco Berlingieri


born in Genoa, Italy, 20 February 1922
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Reserve officer of the Italian Navy. Law degree University of Genoa, 1944. Former professor of maritime law in the University of Genoa. Visiting Professor, Tulane University, New Orleans. Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Antwerp. Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Bologna. Doctor Honoris Causa, University of Athens. President of the Comité Maritime International (CMI) from 1976 to 1991, IMLI Honorary Professor of International Maritime Law, President ad honorem of the CMI. Honorary member of the Order of the British Empire (OBE). Member of the Commercial Court Committee of the High Court of Justice – London from 1977 to 1989. Honorary member of the British Maritime Law Association. Honorary member of the Association of Average Adjusters, Honorary member of the United States Maritime Law Association. Honorary member of the Canadian Bar Association. Honorary Proctor in Admiralty in the United States. President ad honorem of the Italian Association of Maritime Law. Editor of the CMI Publications. Editor of “Il Diritto Marittimo”. Advisor of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific – ESCAP and co-author of ESCAP Guidelines on Maritime Legislation. Consulted by the Government of the People Republic of China during the preparation of the Chinese Maritime Code. Attended all CMI Conferences from 1951 and several diplomatic conferences for the unification of maritime law. Attended all sessions of the IMO-UNCTAD Joint Intergovernmental Group of Experts on Maritime Liens and Mortgages and Related Subjects and the Diplomatic Conference on the Draft Convention on Arrest of Ships. Attended, as delegate of the Italian Government, all sessions of the UNCITRAL Working Group on Transport Law for the preparation of a Draft Convention on the carriage of goods wholly or partially by sea (Rotterdam Rules).

In memory of Cedric Barclay

Cedric Barclay, a vibrant and talented multi-linguist with a great sense of humor and a true “hands-on” arbitrator, decided that this sort of exchange of ideas should be expanded to include maritime arbitrators and lawyers from all over the world. Building on the Moscow Congress as the “original” ICMA, Cedric Barclay pursued the idea and organized the second ICMA Congress in 1974 at a beach hotel, a few miles outside of Athens. It was the first organized, exclusively maritime-focused arbitration Congress with papers prepared in advance, and was attended by maritime arbitrators and lawyers from twenty countries.

In tribute to Cedric Barclay’s vision in organizing ICMA and since his death in 1989, every Congress has held the Cedric Barclay Memorial Lecture, in his memory. His late widow, Mrs. Cora Barclay was an honoured guest. Past speakers all have been highly respected as masters in dispute resolution.

[The above is an excerpt from an article written by Lucienne Bulow, former President of the Society of Maritime Arbitrators.]