Bilkhu, Sukhvir

Sukhvir Bilkhu



Sukhvir’s career spans more than 20 years in Maritime Field including handling operations and claims for all cargoes working internationally. He has wide experience in Commercial dispute resolution, ADR, mediation, litigation, maritime law, Marine liabilities and arbitration. Sukhvir have worked extensively with international Maritime community including PNI insurance, FD&D, Average adjusters, Managers as prime Loss prevention consultant and claims handler. He has been handling Marine and cargo claims including GA & PA, liabilities and recoveries, Flag state coordination, Marine Insurances, force majeure, injuries, collecting evidences, Ship rupture and grounding, Pollution, Sale and Purchase matters, C/P breaches and disputes, specialised cargoes claims and all types of contract disputes. Sukhvir’s career path has been throughout extensive experience via handing claims and operations for variety of cargoes including:

All bulk Cargoes and types of claims: Coal, Sulphur, concentrates, Minerals, IORE, Wood products, Grains, edible, dangerous goods, containerised cargoes  dry and reefer, fumigation, contaminations, liquefy, methane etc.

All Oil & Gas Products and types of claims: Chemicals, dirty products, crude, LNG, Edible Oil, and COW claims, rejections, products carriers contract disputes, ullage shortages, contaminations, breach, performance failure etc.

The experience in self handling of operations and claims of all dry and liquid cargoes in Canada, Asia, Europe, Australia, India, Africa and Far East makes him unique in this field.

Professional Affiliations:

VMAA – Arbitrating member, Vancouver Canada.

FICS – Fellow ICS London, United Kingdom.



MBA – Masters in Business Administration, Shipping and Logistics London UK

LLM – Masters in Maritime Law, London UK

Diploma in Ship Management – Commercial/Marine, UK.

Diploma in Loss Prevention – Marine (Commercial and Cargo) – North of England PNI, UK.

AIMA – Diploma in Foreign Trade.

Certification of Proficiency in Radio Communication – Maritime Mobile services – RTG