2021 VMAA Annual General Meeting

VMAA hosted the 2021 AGM virtually at noon on June 29, 2021.

In the AGM, Dennis Pong, President of VMAA reported VMAA activities during the period of June, 2020 to June 2021 including the hosting of a virtual seminar and attending a virtual CIETAC Cup held in Beijing in November, 2020 as a warm up on the William C. Vis International Arbitration Moot. Mr. Pong also mentioned VMAA has published the 2021 Resolution, an VMAA magazine and is in the process of mailing to the members by the secretary.

Mr. JJ McIntyre, Vice President and treasurer reported on the financial which is in healthy condition due to less expenses and advertisement income.

Mr. John Young, Secretary of the Association reported on the membership situation and suggested that VMAA should promote more commercial expert as well as legal profession to join the membership. Membership including Arbitrating member, Individual Supporting member and Corporate Member. Mr. Young suggested that VMAA should start a membership drive starting in the 2021 fall session.

In the AGM, VMAA has nominated Ms. Lindsay Sutton of Pangea Logistic to be an Arbitrating member. VMAA also nominated two new directors to the board, they are Ms. Lindsay Sutton of Pangea Logistic and Ms. Shelley Chapelski of Norton Rose & Fulbright.

The 2021 VMAA board is as follow:


Dennis Pong                       President

JJ McIntyre                         Vice President & Treasurer

John Young                         Secretary and Membership


Alex Smith

Catherine Liang

David Read

Geoff McNeill

Lindsay Sutton

Peter Koh

Peter Swanson                  Past President

Shelley Chapelski

In addition, both Peter Wright and Daryl Raibl are Honorary Life President