Read, David

Pitcairn Enterprises Ltd.
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North Vancouver, BC V7K2X7

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David is an Independent Marine Consultant for Pitcairn Enterprises Ltd. He rose to the role of Chief Officer over twelve years of global general cargo trades. David then came ashore and took the role of Assistant Marine Superintendent before spending two years as Stevedoring Superintendent in the UK for Multifaceted Ship and Terminal Operations.

David has over 30 years of Broad Managerial Experience in BC Maritime Industry, Agency and Vessel Operations, Stevedoring and Terminal Operations, Labour Relations and Marketing.

David was directly involved in planning, development and the operation of 2 bulk commodity handling facilities in Prince Rupert.


Professional Affiliations:

  • Former Director of BC Maritime Employers Association
  • Former Director and Chairman of the Waterfront Forman Employers Association
  • Former Past Member of BC Wharf Operators Association



  • Graduate of Training Ship HMS ‘Conway’
  • Master Mariner, Foreign Going